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Washington State Board of Chiropractic Examiners License Requirements consist of 25 hours of continuing education per year. 12 hours may be taken online. All hours must be completed by the licensee’s birthday each year.

Important Notice

In Washington, it is illegal to practice without a valid license, so it is best to complete these hours early.

Commission Approved Subject Material:
DCCE Chiropractic Education

Diagnosis and treatment of the spine or extremity articulations within the scope of practice

X-ray/diagnostic imaging

Adjustive technique

Detection of a subluxation

Physical examination




Chiropractic Continuing Education



Patient/case management, documentation, coding

Impairment within the scope of practice

CPR (not to exceed a total of four hours)

Dietary and nutrition advice

Chiropractic philosophy

Governmental regulations relevant to chiropractic and public health (not to exceed a total of twelve hours)

As part of continuing education in Washington, three hours of suicide screening and referral from a qualified suicide prevention training program must be completed by all chiropractors renewing their licenses. These hours count towards meeting the continuing education requirements. (This only has to be taken after a chiropractor’s first full continuing education reporting period after initial licensure.)

All subject matter obtained from Washington State Department of Health.