Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring anything else to the seminar?

If you have special dietary needs, we recommend you bring snacks and food with you since some of the facilities menus may not meet those requirements.

Should I bring food, snack, & water?

Some facilities provide ice water (tap not bottled) so you may want to bring your own. Snacks and food are a good idea and are welcome at our events, remember it's a 12 hour day. At most of our venues they offer snacks and food for purchase.

Once I complete the seminar how long do I have to wait for a certificate of completion?

If you preregister you will receive it the day you attend the seminar.

When and how long is the lunch break?

Lunch break will vary at each program. Normally it will be 30-40 minutes

What is the dress code for the seminars?

Casual, very relaxed, we want you to be comfortable. A sweater or light coat is recommended because of venue air conditioning.

What happens if I'm late or stuck in traffic?

If you are late, you will not receive credit for that hour **this is not our rule, this is the Board of Chiropractic Examiners rule**

What time do the seminars begin and end?

All seminars begin at 7:00am SHARP and end no later than 7:30pm